Burning Man Festivale on Ekaterinburg

The variation of the world famous annual Festival “Burning Man” will take place in Ekaterinburg.

Event planners promise that the scope of festival in Ural will be as much as in USA, but it will last one day and one night. During the festival one can find a lot of art installation, extreme self-expression of local artists, light and fire show and water amusement. One of the festival’s features is the love of the participants for the Post Apocalypse style, so the visitors are welcome to the parade of unusual homemade fancy dresses and cosplay. All this cannot do without music mixed by famous DJs and without large-scale dance floor. But the most culminating moment will be the burning of a giant structure made in the form of a human figure. This cannot be missed!

Where: "Ogon'. Plyaj" EKATERINBURG. Baltym lake, Sanatorniy township Naberezhnaya St. 2D
Whan: 22  june 17:00

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