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One of the city’s oldest pharmacies has been working in this building since mid-19th century.

Pharmacy building is located in the historic center of Ekaterinburg on former Sobornaya Street. In the mid-19th century this quarter consisted of mostly mansions, including stone ones. Pharmacist Weyersberg’s classicist house with attic and wings was built in the first half of the century, while its current appearance is a result of a considerable reconstruction at the beginning of the 20th century, when Art Nouveau replaced classicist forms.

Pharmacy business in the Urals was growing rapidly in the second half of the 19th century. Among the first private pharmacies owners were the members of the local German community, descendants of Zlatoust plant armorers − the Weyersbergs.

Alfred Weyersberg, who ran a pharmacy in his own house, consistently expanded his network of clients. He managed to secure a contract with the local government which he supplied with various medicines. It is known that he also supplied medicines to some charity organizations, at a significant discount.

After a while Weyersberg decided to expand the business beyond pharmacy and founded a small leather factory which specialized in producing power transmission belts for Urals industry. The business was organized quite efficiently, and at 1887 Ural-Siberian Scientific and Industrial Exhibition Weyersberg’s factory was awarded a silver medal. Weyersberg was also actively engaged in social life of the city − in 1872 he was elected to Municipal Duma.

After Alfred Weyersberg’s death at the end of 1880s his widow continued to run the pharmacy and leather factory for a while longer, but later rented them out and eventually sold the business. The pharmacy changed a number of owners; among those were G. Bot, M. Gostein and D. Goldberg. After the revolution in 1919 almost all private establishments in the city were nationalized, however the pharmacy manager S. Gostein (son of M. Gostein) was allowed to keep his position for a while.

The name “Weyersberg’s Pharmacy” did not disappear from the local’s speech. Despite the changing epochs and numerous owners, the pharmacy in the historic building on Pushkina Street still works to this day.


Starting in 1964, this pharmacy was the first in the city to implement new at the time forms of client service: taking orders by phone, delivering medicine to the patients at home, as well as notifying the clients about medicine arrivals by post cards.

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