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The mansion planning and construction took place during the first half of the 19 century. Originally the mansion included the house itself, a gate and a subsidiary building but in the second half of the 19 century it was rebuilt because of the new city-planning obligations laid upon all mansions facing the main avenue. Around 1880-ies the house was widened and a new main entrance appeared on Glavniy (“the main”) Prospect (nowadays Lenina street). 

According to the records of 1889, the mansion belonged to bourgeois Sharov A.S. and consisted of a two-story stone house, izba, outhouses and a banya. After revolutionary events of 1917 the building served several purposes, for example, in 1930-ies here was school №4 and its dormitory and in 1940-ies – a ballet school and since 1957 – school №89 for mentally-retarded children. In 1985 the building was transferred to the State Medical Institute.

The building is an integral part of the mansion and is an example of the mansion’s main house of Ekaterinburg of the second half of the 19 century with façade décor in eclectics forms.


The mansion is connected with a Trade Union and revolutionary movements which took place in Ekaterinburg in the beginning of the 20 century. Particularly when Vainer L.I. served here and in 1912-1914 a clerical club and a Union of commercial and clerical employees board was stationed in this house and the house itself served as the Bolsheviks’ secret meeting place. 

Lenina ave. 16