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Filitz mansion

Filitz house is a cultural property monument of Ekaterinburg built in the end of the 19th century and is almost untouched by time. Ernest Filitz was a German expat who lived in the house together with his wife Emma and owned a brewing plant which was stationed on its territory together with other household facilities.

In 1883 Ernest Filitz made a petition to Ekaterinburg city Duma with a request to start a construction of a brewing plant. By that time he already owned some property and later on his land occupied the whole district inside of modern Karl Marx, Mamin Sibiryak, Engels and Lunacharskogo  streets. After Ernest Filitz died in 1892, his wife Emma not only continued his business but enlarged it into several ale-houses, retail outlets, warehouses of wholesale beer trade. In order to attract a wealthier public she introduced a new format into drinking establishments of Ekaterinburg - beer restaurants with live music concerts. Emma Filitz was an active woman, she was fond of hiking in Ural mountains and participated in Ekaterinburg race track where her favorite horse took part in races. Her production was closed in 1914 after the government introduced the Dry Law during the First World War. After revolution all her property was expropriated but she didn’t leave the city and died there in 1919. After her death the house was used as a kinder garden and after 1920-ies as a trade union. Filitz family had no inheritors.

The house is a landmark of Ekaterinburg wooden mansion which with its dissymmetric parts and prominent angles displays a perfect example of Art Nouveau style. Architect Dutel who designed the house also combined in it elements of such architectural styles as Russian style and Baroque. From the south side there is an intricately built entrance unit, from the west – a sun porch. Situated in one of the oldest districts of the city, there was its own little pond and a park behind the house.


The author of the building, architect Yuliy Osipovich Dutel was born in 1824, got architectural education in Saint Petersburg, refined his skills in Spain and in 1889 began his work in Ekaterinburg. In 1890 Dutel became a city architect and was the only academician in architecture in pre-revolutionary Ekaterinburg.

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