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Founded in 1883, Agafurov brothers’ trade house was one of the most prominent commercial firms in the city before the revolution.

Built 1880 the Agafurov’s Trade House defined the appearance of the densely developed commercial district along Uspenskaya (currently Vainera) Street. The construction was started by Khisametdin Agafurov, and finished by his sons Kamaletdin, Zainetdin, and Kashafetdin. The name of the original project’s author is unclear, but it’s known that in 1906 the house was rebuilt by architect K. A. Polkov.

At the turn of the 20th century the Agafurov’s Trade House was an example of successful entrepreneurship, solid reputation, good taste, generosity, and honest business conduct. Founded in 1883 in Ekaterinburg, by 1903 the trade house had shops in Perm, Tyumen, Irbit fair, and since 1912 – in Warsaw and Moscow. The Agafurovs managed wholesale and retail trade of groceries, drapery, stationery, chandlery, chemicals, hunting goods, gold and silver jewelry, watches, and other goods.


Most locals are familiar with the term “Agafurovs’ country houses”; the toponym is used in reference to the psychiatric ward on Sibirskiy highway. The Agafurovs however never suffered from any mental illnesses. The saying origin dates back to the early 20th century when the family owned a country house in the pine forest on Sibirskiy tract. When the psychiatric hospital was opened at the 8th km of Sibirskiy tract in 1914, the easiest way to give directions was to say it was located “near the Agafurovs' country houses”. In time the word “near” was lost and people started calling the hospital “the Agafurovs' country houses”.

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