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The complex, which would become one of the symbols of industrial Sverdlovsk, was built in 1964, architect P. D. Demintsev.

Before the revolution the site was occupied by Svyato-Dukhovskaya (Holy Spirit) church – the first stone church of Ekaterinburg founded in 1755. The church construction was sponsored by a local merchant Philipp Sokolnikov and took several decades: in 1759 the northern aisle of the church was consecrated in the name St. John Chrysostom (thus the popular name of church – Zlatoust), in 1768 the main altar was consecrated, and in 1786 the southern aisle was consecrated in the name Protection of Our Most Holy Lady that gave its historic name to Pokrovsky Avenue (currently Malysheva Street).

In 1928 the church was declared decaying, and later destroyed to clear up the spot for storing supplies for the construction of the office building across the road. For a while the site stood empty, until in 1964 "Rubin" domestic service complex was built here. Due to its height and constructional features building can be classified as one of the first "skyscrapers" of the city. 


There used to be a giant sign “domestic service RUBIN complex” on the edge of the building’s roof top. Years later only the word “Rubin” (ruby) and a picture of a faceted gem remained. At the beginning of the 21st century the sign was removed completely, but the toponym it created survived – locals still call the place “Rubin”.

Malysheva St. 44