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Stone single-floor building is located in the central historic part of the city, in the quarter limited by the following streets: Malisheva (former Pokrovsky avenue), Rosa Luxemburg (former Zlatoustovskaya), Belinskogo (former Nikolskaya), Engelsa (former Malakhovskaya).

The homestead was being developed in the second half of the 19 century and was first seen on the city plan in 1880. According to the data from 1889, the homestead belonged to archpriest Levitsky I.A. and included a wooden single-floor house, outhouses and a banya. In the beginning of the 20 century the house was rebuilt, possibly upon the project of Yankovsky I.K.

Before the revolution of 1917 the house was inhabited by ancestors of Levitsky G.I, later on the house was equipped to serve as a shared accommodation. Since 1979 to 1984 the house was rebuilt and adapted for the Radio museum.

From the original interior only chimneys and heating stoves stood the test of time. The house is an example of the urban domestic house (образец городского жилого дома) of the beginning of the 20 century, with facades in “modern” style.

The museum tells the history of radio development in the Urals, development of Russian television and the Ural radio industry. There is also a planetarium on the screen-cupola of which one can watch stars of the northern and southern hemispheres.


The house used to host a famous scientist, one of the inventors of radio, Popov A.S., who from 1871 to 1873 studied and lived in Ekaterinburg religious seminary. In the house №9 on Zlatoustovskaya street used to live his sister Maria who married Levitsky G.I., who, in his turn, achieved prominence during his trips to the East. 

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