Municipal literary museum, a department of the Integrated Museum of the Ural Writers.

The museum was opened in 1993 with an exhibition titled “Alexander Blok and the Silver Age of the Russian Culture”. The museum building is an architectural monument of the Russian provincial wooden Art Nouveau. Among the 19th century mansions of the Literary quarter this decorated wooden house stands out, featuring a high porch and fine handrails decorated with a mysterious lacy ornament.

In 2011, to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Integrated Museum of the Ural Writers, the first part of the permanent exhibition "Literary Life of the Urals in the 20th century" was opened here, revealing the main stages of the literature of the Urals during the years 1900-1945. A virtual room with expositions titled "Museum of the Ural fiction" and "Museum of Ural fairy-tales" is particularly popular among visitors.


The museum is located in a picturesque part of the old Ekaterinburg called the Literary Quarter. Literary Quarter is a unique phenomenon and one of the most interesting sights in the capital of the Urals. One of the remarkable features of the quarter is its sidewalks, paved with ancient granite plates that were collected throughout the city. Some of those might even remember the steps of the city founders.