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Buildings of ekaterinburg non-classical secondary school named after alexey

Ekaterinburg non-classical secondary school named after Alexey was found in 1873 at the initiative of the mayor, mountain engineer Grammatchikov V.A. and with sponsorship of Kamishlov and Ekaterinburg municipalities, Ekaterinburg and Verkh-Iset plants.

At first it was located in “the lodging”. In 1880 a new building was erected specially for the college and then was enlarged in 1890. The author of the project and its constructors are unknown. In 1897 architect Dutel was ordered to draw a plan and make an estimate for the construction of a church and a boarding house for the college and already in 1898 the building was erected. In 1901 with funds donated by Simanov I.I. the church was elaborated and on 28, august it was consecrated in the name of Alexander Nevskiy.

By the beginning of the 20 century the complex included a teaching block, a church with a boarding house, a courtyard house, service facilities, eastern and western gates and a hedge. Between the teaching block and the church there was a garden, which stretched from south to north. The time of its foundation is unknown but in urban area development plan of Ekaterinburg of 1850-ies it is outlined having regular plan, lanes, boskets and planters.

In 1950-ies a multi-storeyed building was erected on place of the college garden. Later on service facilities and were demolished and rebuilt. The garden, eastern and western hedges were lost.

The buildings of Alexandro-Nevskiy church and the boarding house are now architectural monuments in “neorussian” style and are distinguished by peculiarity of spatial and planning concept, based on functional approach and rules which were common in the beginning of 20 century.


The non-classical secondary college got its name in honor of Romanov Alexey Alexandrovich (1850-1908) visit to Ekaterinburg in july, 1873. Its inauguration took place in October, 1873. 

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