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The stone bridge was erected upon the project of Ekaterinburg plants architect, Sartorius E.H. in 1840-1841 and it is located in the central part of the city, on the crossroads of Malisheva street and Iset river, closing from the south the territory of the former plant which gave rise to the city (now Historical public garden).

In 1841 on the ends of the bridge four stone obelisks were placed. During its reconstruction in the end of 1950-ies – beginning of 1960-ies the driveway was widened and an old paving stone was replaced by a new asphalt cover as a result of which a previous bridge curve was levelled (along longitudinal axis). An old cast-iron fence and granite pedestals were replaced for lighter ones. Stone obelisks were removed.

The stone bridge is an example of engineer art of the first half of the 19 century.  


The work surface of the bridge is divided into a driveway and a footpath. As a result of the bridge widening in the 1950-60-ies the pedestrian area now transcends 0,6 meters on each side and is  sustained by a cantilever.

crossroad Malysheva St. and riverfront Iset