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Hotel complex exemplary of the late 19th century eclectic architecture.

A vivid example of an eclectic hotel complex, V. G. Cherepanov’s estate was designed as a part of Sobornaya (currently Pushkina) Street development in the late 19th century. The spacious estate was located at the center of the quarter, and its buildings largely defined the appearance of this part of the street.

The complex included four brick structures: “Hermitage” hotel, wings, bath house with laundry, and stables − all united by a high brick fence and three-part gate with two wickets and passage. The hotel was owned by V. V. Semeonov from Kazan, who rented the premises from Cherepanov.

At the beginning of the 20th century “Hermitage” hotel moved to Pokrovsky Avenue (currently Malysheva Street), and the building was occupied by another hotel – “Slavyansky Bazar”. In 1970s the gates and a large portion of the brick fence were destroyed, and the only remaining structures of the estate today are the main building and the wing.


Development of hotel industry in Ekaterinburg began with coaching inns that usually appeared around markets and shopping areas. In old Ekaterinburg coaching inns were located along Uktusskaya and Uspenskaya (currently 8 Marta and Vainera respectively) Streets near the Merchant Quarter. In 1860 there were 29 of those. The first private hotel in Ekaterinburg opened in 1826, and by the middle of 19th century there were already five of them.

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