The house was built between 1856 and 1880 and is the main house in merchant of the 2 Guild Atamanov’s mansion.  As of 1889 the mansion consisted of a two-storey stone house, outhouses and a banya. The house had furnished accomodations and a wine cellar. In the beginning of the 20 century the building was rented by a private girl’s high school of the 2-nd rate named after Rumyantseva A.E. and by 1912 has become a private gymnasium.

After 1917 the house was still used as an educational establishment and in 1935 it was enlarged up to 4 floors. In the same period an architectural replanning of the building was carried out and the main entrance with a central staircase was organized on Vayner Street. From 1962 the school was occupied by one of the departments of Sverdlovsk State Pedagogical University and from 1985 and till nowadays - by Sverdlovsk Theatre Institute. The monument is connected with 20 century educational development in Ekaterinburg.


Nowadays in the building of the former girl’s high school the Ekaterinburg State Theatre Institute is based – one of 7 higher theatre educational establishments of Russia and is the only theatrical institution not only in the Urals, but also in the whole Russian territory to the east of Volga river. 

Vaynera St., 2
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