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The building of the plant was constructed in 1916. The project author is unknown. The founder and the initial constructor was the head of the plant, a mining engineer Baraboshkin N.N. And the investor was Nikolo-Pavdinskoye joint-stock company.

In the first ten years of the plant functioning a technology of receiving pure metals of platinum group was mastered as well as industrial-purpose articles of it. In the time of the Second World War the plant produced articles for aviation, radio techniques, submarines. After the war all types of noble metal processing was under way here, as well as precious stones cutting, jewelry production. A potential scientific center was found here, six of its members became laureates of the State prize as well as USSR Cabinet prizes.

The building of the plant is a typical example of an industrial building with elements of a “brick style”, its façade architecture is traditional for industrial buildings of the end of the 19th century – beginning of the 20th century.


In the 1970-ies the plant was reconstructed. From the previous constructions only an engineering building is left which can be well seen from the Sheynkmana Street. At the moment on the old plant territory a new business class residential building is being built with a perspective to make a loft-style gallery out of the originally engineering building.

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