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The ensemble of the first female grammar school

the construction of the 1870-1890-ies, architects V. I. Rovner, J. O. Dutel. To 1889 part of the school was part of school building, hostel and services. In 1893, the school built the Church of Mary Magdalene, coupled with the transition from the academic building and the guest house. For the architecture of Ural — a rare example of such appointment.

the Complex's school is located in the city center, near the intersection of major highways and one of the oldest squares of Yekaterinburg (Labor square). The Eastern main, a certain façade of the academic building (1889) with a gate (1866), facing the street Karl Liebknecht (the former Voznesensky Prospekt).

In General, the building is characterized by functional organization and lush design "Russian-Byzantine" style. All facades subject to the principles of axial symmetry.

currently, the premises of the school is of pedagogical University of the city.


Yekaterinburg girls grammar school was formed on the basis of the female school, which opened in 1861. The money raised in 1866 started the restructuring of the school building. In 1874 the school was converted into a gymnasium. Gradually the wooden buildings were replaced with stone.

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