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Merchants agafurovs’ house (28, sakko i vanzetti st.)

The house was built from 1896 to 1898 by architect Y. Dutel

This two-storey wooden house with a stone basement is located in the west part of the city, on Sakko i Vanzetti (former Usoltsevskaya) street. Presently the house is located close to modern multistoried buildings. The owners of the mansion sold high-quality goods (fruits, tobacco, silver and gold jewelry, watches, perfumes, shoes, supplies for hunt and office not only in Ekaterinburg but also in Perm, Tyumen, Irbit and later on in Moscow and even Warsaw). With the help of Agafurov family the first cycling ground and a skate rink on the city embankment were established.

Agafurov mansion is a perfect example of the 19th century wooden architecture with folk and ethnic motives.


Most Ekaterinburg citizens have heard an idiom “Agafurov’s summer cottages”. This place-name is still used to refer a mental facility at Sibirskiy Highway, even though this place has nothing to do with Agafurovs’ family mental health. The point is that before the Soviet regime there were Agafurov merchants summer cottages in a pine wood close to Sibirskiy Highway. When the mental facility was opened at Sibirskiy Highway in 1914, the locals made reference to Agafurov’s summer cottages to better describe the hospital’s whereabouts.

Sacco i Vanzetti St., 28