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Bell tower church in the name of the Holy Martyr Maximilian was originally built in 1876, destroyed in 1930, and reconstructed in 2006-2013.

The church was founded in 1847 at the corner of Pokrovsky Avenue (currently Malysheva Street) and Uktusskaya (currently 8 Marta) Street. Its alternative name – Bolshoi (Grand) Zlatoust − it received because it was originally planned as a bell tower for the smaller church across the road that was already named Zlatoust due to one of its aisles consecrated in the name of St. John Chrysostom. The sonorous church bells played a role too, one of them being the fourth largest in the Russian Empire.

During the Soviet times the church stayed opened until 1930, although its basement was already used as food storage, and in 1922 its valuable property had been confiscated. In 1930 Bolshoi Zlatoust was demolished. The cleared up square didn’t stay empty long, first a sculpture titled "The leaders Stalin and Lenin in Gorki estate", which was later replaced by a 12-meter high monument the Ural revolutionary Ivan Malyshev who died during the Civil War.

After the decision was made to rebuild Bolshoi Zlatoust the monument to Malyshev was carefully moved to another location. The first cornerstone of the reconstructed church was placed on October 14, 2006. The first bell was lifted to the bell tower in 2008.


The original Bolshoi Zlatoust was the tallest building of old Ekaterinburg: together with the dome and cross on top it was 77.2 meters high.


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