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Belinsky Library

The library Building was constructed in 1960, architects V. R. Rabinovich, E. N. Jaszunski, the project was developed on the basis of preliminary design G. V. Sevan, made in Moscow architectural school-Studio of the academician of architecture of I. V. Zholtovsky. The building is a three-storey stone volume, facades and interiors of which are decorated in the style of Soviet “neoclassical” 1950-ies. It is located with a small offset from the red line. The line of the facade continues fencing with entrance gates located symmetrically on both sides.

The Building is a unique example of cultural and educational facilities in the forms of the Soviet “neoclassical”.

At the moment, Sverdlovsk regional universal scientific library named after V. G. Belinsky-the largest library of Sverdlovsk region, cultural, educational and information center.


the Library was founded in Yekaterinburg on 26 may (6 June) 1899 51 th anniversary of the death of Belinsky (in whose honor is named), and for a long time was located in the building on the street of Karl Liebknecht, 8 that was built for her in 1916. In connection with the increase in funds and visitors to the library in the 1930s, there's a need for a new spacious building, but to implement his plan was interrupted by the war. It appeared only in 1960

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