Екатеринбургский музейный центр народного творчества «Гамаюн»

«Gamayun» Folk Art Museum Centre is located in an architectural monument – Kazantsev’s mansion, which is situated in a historical zone of the city, limited by Gogolya St. (former Razgulayevskaya St.) and Engelsa St. (former Malakhovskaya St.), Gorkogo St. (former Vtoraya Beregovaya St.) and Malysheva St. (former Pokrovskiy Ave.).

Address: Gogolya St. 20

Merchant chuvildin’s apartment house

Merchant Chuvildin’s apartment house is located on Gorky Street, in the center of Ekaterinburg. The building is built upon the project of architect Chirkovsky A.S. and is recognized as a monument of regional importance, which confirms a memorial sign on its wall. The house is also known as “skewed house” due to its complex configuration as from the aerial view it looks like rhomboid and not like a rectangle. Besides, earlier the house had some additional buildings in the direction of the river go-down.

Address: Gorkogo St. 14

Здание гостиницы «Эрмитаж»

По прошению екатеринбургского мещанина Г. М. Александрова в 1882 г. у Каменного моста были возведены по проекту архитектора М. Л. Реутова два двухэтажных полукаменных дома с «нумерами для приезжих», кондитерской, булочной и трактиром. 

Address: Malysheva St. 56

Здание фотоателье

Здание фотоателье построено в 1924-1926 гг. на средства фотохудожников Ф.С. Мурдасова и А.Ф. Кузнецова. На проектных чертежах, утвержденных в апреле 1924 г., стоят подписи городского инженера Вагичева и заведующего проектным отделом Чиконцева.

Address: Malysheva St. 58a

Merchant Pshenichnikov’s House

Merchant Pshenichnikov’s house is a two-storeyed stone building with mezzanine, built in early 1830-ies at Rabochey Molodyozhi Riverfront, close to the main City Damb. The first building owner was Ekaterinburg merchant Pshenichnikov who contracted such architects as Sviyazev and Malakhov to build the house.

Address: Rabochey Molodyozhi Riverfront, 2/ Khimikov Lane,1

Residential complex “the second house of municipal government”

Complex “ The Second House of Municipal Government” was built under order of KGB by special construction bureau from 1930 to 1932, architects I. Antonov, V. Sokolov. Another name of the complex is “Zhilkombinat NKVD”.

Address: 8 Marta St. 2 / Volodarskogo St., 6

Atamanov’s hotel

In 1889 a corner site of this district belonged to merchant Nabatov’s inheritors, later on it was purchased by merchant Atamanov V.Y. who built here a three-storeyed stone apartment house in 1893. The apartment house, built by architect Cherdantsev, included a hotel, a bookshop “Polza” and a ready-to-wear shop “Paris chic”.

Address: Vaynera St., 6

Girl’s high school (merchant atamanov’s house)

The house was built between 1856 and 1880 and is the main house of merchant of the 2 Guild Atamanov’s mansion. As of 1889 the mansion consisted of a two-storeyed stone house, service facilities and a banya. The house was furnished with rooms and wine cellary. In the beginning of the 20 century the building was rented by a private girl’s high school of the 2-nd rate named after Rumyantseva A.E. and by 1912 has become a private gymnasium.

Address: Vaynera St., 2

Merchants agafurovs’ house (28, sakko i vanzetti st.)

Was built from 1896 to 1898 by architect U. Dutel This two-storeyed wooden house with a stone basement is located in the west part of the city, on Sakko i Vanzetti (former Usoltsevskaya) street. Presently the house is located close to modern multistoried buildings. The owners of the mansion sold high-quality goods (fruits, tobacco, silver and gold jewelry, watches, perfumes, shoes, supplies for hunt and office not only in Ekaterinburg but also in Perm, Tyumen, Irbit and later on in Moscow and even Warsaw. With the help of Agafurov family the first cycling ground and a skate rink on the city embankment were established.

Address: Sacco i Vanzetti St., 28

Merchant lebedev’s house

Уникальный образец жилого дома Екатеринбурга конца XIX века, фасады которого богато украшены резным деревянным декором, выполненным в различной технике с использованием народных орнаментальных мотивов.

Address: Sacco i Vanzetti St. 25