The mansion occupies an important place in the history of the city's architecture: look at these brick wonders – now these do not. Despite the fact that the external restoration of the building was not carried out, the building is unmatched in the city on the skill of the builders. The brick masonry of the manor Zheleznova is a work of art.

Address: Rosy Luxemburg St., 56


The current stone bridge was built on wood in the years 1889-1890 by the architect S. S. Kozlov. It is a massive structure made of large rubble stone with wonderful iron railings has the status of a monument of architecture.

Address: the intersection of the Dekabristov St.- the Iset river

Bazhov's house museum

The Museum is located in his own house Bazhov, who built himself a writer. House is over a hundred years, the Museum exposition was open for visitors for 40 years.

Address: Chapayeva St. 11


Example of Ekaterinburg residential construction of the end of the 19 century. The house has a peculiar composition based on fusion of decors taken from different stylistic sources. Architect – Dutel Y.O., a building request dates back to 1888. Stone single-story mansion is located on Chapaeva Street (former Arkhiereyskaya), a homestead and mansion premises of which were developed during late 19 – early 20 centuries.

Address: Chapayeva St. 10

Oshurkovs' Manor (3, Chapaeva St.)

The estate was one of the richest merchants estates, located in the heart of the king's bridge and Bishop street (now Chapaeva street). Is a model of urban merchants manor of Yekaterinburg in the second half of the XIX century.

Address: Chapaeva st., 3.


The mansion was built in the first half of the 19 century. It is made out of stone, has two floors, a mezzanine and combines traditions of classicism with different eclecticism motives (neo-grek, neo-rococo). With its longer side the mansion was directed to the depth of the quarter, to the river.

Address: Chapaeva St., 5.

Andreeva's House

Two-storey stone house is located in the Central part of the city, in the block bounded by the streets of Belinsky (former St. Nicholas), red army (the former Soldier), Engels (the former Malakhovskaya) and Karl Marx (the former Holy cross) with modern multi-storey buildings.

Address: Belinskogo st., 59 (61)

Semenova's Mansion

The architecture of the house is quite remarkable. It combines traditional for the Ural cities type the beginning of the XIX century house with a mezzanine, the augmented characteristic of the late nineteenth century turrets on the roof. The facade is richly decorated with sawn and voluminous thread in which in addition to the eclectic motifs used the techniques of modernism. Also a distinctive detail of the house is considered cut on the roof and an octagonal turret.

Address: Karla Marxa St., 22A.

Belinsky Library

The building is a unique example of cultural and educational facilities in the forms of Soviet "neo-classical". At the moment, Sverdlovsk regional universal scientific library named after V. G. Belinsky — the largest library of Sverdlovsk region, cultural, educational and information centre.

Address: Belinskogo str., 15.

Elizariev's Mansion

Preserved buildings represent a sample of the wooden buildings of Yekaterinburg end of the nineteenth century according to an Is the object of cultural heritage.

Address: Belinskogo str., 6A.