Designed in the first half of the 19th century by M. P. Malakhov this house served as a personal residence of the Head Mining Director of the Ural ridge plants.

Architect M. P. Malakhov designed and built this residential house for Perm mining inspector Bulgakov in 1817. In the early 1830s it was purchased by the government and rebuilt for Head Mining Director’s residence.

The residence was a large estate with utility yard to the north and garden to the south. Its first owner was general Vladimir Glinka, a distant relative of the famous composer. He held the office for about 20 years (1837-1856), longer than any of his predecessors or successors. Being practically in charge of the entire Urals region, Glinka was fond of saying: "I am God and the tsar of the Ural mountain ridge!" General was a charismatic person, extremely active in office, he is remembered for his good deeds, honesty, and reputation that remained unstained despite his immense power.

After 1857 the residence was passed on to F. I. Felkner, then to A. A. Issa, and other Head Mining Directors after them. In 1930 the building underwent significant reconstruction.


The residence had a magnificent ballroom and luxury guest apartments, high rank officials and famous people often chose to stay here during their visits to Ekaterinburg. In 1837 the Crown Prince, future Emperor Alexander II stayed here with his mentor – poet Vasily Zhukovsky – while visiting Ekaterinburg.

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