Former mansion of A. F. Poklevsky-Kozell, a nobleman and “alcohol distillation tycoon” of the Urals is currently occupied by the Exhibition Center of Sverdlovsk Oblast Local History Museum.

Author of the project is unknown, but perhaps the initial phase of its construction was carried out with the participation of M. L. Reutov who was the city architect of Ekaterinburg in 1869-1884.

Alfons Poklevsky-Kozell was a vintner, metal and gold mines owner, one of the founders of the asbestos industry in the Urals, as well as the first steamship company in the rivers of Western Siberia. His business activity in the Urals began with the acquisition of several state owned distilleries in the late 1850s.

It is known that Poklevsky-Kozell invested a substantial amount of money in the construction of Ekaterinburg – Tyumen railway line; in 1885 his name was even given to a railways station Poklevskaya (currently Talitsa). The entrepreneur was the prototype for several characters in Mamin-Sibiryak’s novels (Lyakhovsky in the novel "The Privalov Fortune" and May-Stabrovsky in the novel "Bread").

Poklevsky-Kozell who resided permanently in Talitsa, owned large estates in 17 cities and 10 villages, as well as 58 houses in various locations, including several in Ekaterinburg. The biggest of those was a mansion on Pokrovsky Avenue (currently Malysheva Street).

Exhibition Center of Sverdlovsk Oblast Local History Museum that occupies the building today offers expositions demonstrating the history of theatrical, musical and literary life of Ekaterinburg. It regularly hosts local history and art exhibitions.


In March 1917 Soviet of Workers and Ekaterinburg committee of the Communist Party led by Malyshev, Vainer, and Khokhryakov worked in this building. After the Civil War the house was occupied by military commissariats. It also housed a military enterprise during the Great Patriotic War and Sverdlovsk Pedagogical Institute in the post-war era.

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