The future writer was born in this house in 1841, into the family of a local postman.

The memorial House-Museum of Fedor Reshetnikov was opened on October 1, 1991 in this old two-storey mansion on Proletarskaya (former Ofitserskaya) Street. According to a local legend, the future writer was born here in 1841 into the family of a Ekaterinburg postman.

The house was built in 1840s by merchant Karnaukhov. The last owner of the house was the wife of a local postmaster who rented rooms out to post office employees.

Both literary and memorial sections of the museum are inseparably linked to one another as the writer was born into a postman’s family and many characters of his works are postmen and coachmen. The narration of the writer’s life and works turns into history of the 19th century postal service, its traditions and customs. A coachmen room, a stable and a carriage house are reproduced in the museum. Exhibited are typical travel items, postal carriages, household artifacts – all this reconstructs the environment of a Ural post yard of the second half of the 19th century.


This is the only museum in Russia (along with the Postmaster House in Vyra near Saint-Petersburg) reconstructing the everyday life of a post yard.


Proletarskaya St., 6
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