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Ascension to the right: in the Yekaterinburg Museum was opened by the author of the Constitution

28 July

Grand opening of the Museum dedicated to one of the developers of the Russian Constitution, Sergei Alexeyev, was held in Yekaterinburg on Thursday, July 28.

the event was attended by Chairman of the Committee of State Duma on civil, criminal, arbitration and procedural legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov, and also the Deputy head of Administration of Ekaterinburg - head of Department for municipal property management Vadim Dudarenko.

the opening of the Museum on this day is not accidental: it was July 28, 2016, the founder of the Ural scientific school of civil law, Professor Sergey Alekseev would have turned 92 years old.

“Very well, in Yekaterinburg opened the Museum, said at the opening of Pavel Krasheninnikov. - It is important for us and for future generations. Sergey has done a lot for science, for education, constructed a lawmaking at the highest level, he was one of the first to deal with the constitutional justice. This is extremely important. The Constitution and the Civil code came from his pen. This is a tremendous contribution for our country”.

the Museum is housed in the premises of the Ural Institute of private law (Lenin prospect, 101) and was named “ascension to the right”. For its opening gathered many visitors, including regional and city authorities, representatives of the scientific community, colleagues and teachers, family and friends, as well as ordinary residents of the city.

“the city today is a new symbolic object - Museum of Sergei Alexeyev, in his congratulatory speech, said Vadim Dudarenko. - I am grateful to the whole team of companions, which documents, other features contributed to its discovery. This Museum is not only special historical and legal role, but also education”.

Indeed, the Museum will be held including educational and educational functions. The founder of the Ural scientific school of theory of law Sergey Alekseev was an outstanding Russian lawyer, doctor of juridical Sciences, member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences, author of over 400 published works, but because any visitor will find the Museum a lot of interesting and useful. All the exhibits of the Museum provided by the family of Sergei Alexeyev.

“In the Museum there are clothes, all the manuscripts, photographs, family archives and professional artists, the originals of diplomas and certificates, - said the employee of the Ural Institute of private law Irina Stepanova. - It is especially necessary to allocate the letters of Sergei Sergeyevich from the front. For him the war had a special role in life. He didn't like to say it, but Victory Day was the main holiday. He also said that the main purpose of legal education, so the Museum will be used primarily to host events with the participation of students in seminars, meetings, Sunday school”.

during the event, participants noted that all life Sergey Alekseev dedicated to serving the law, the ideals of truth and justice and no matter what always remained kind and sympathetic person. The Museum will be a reminder of these values as young lawyers, and all of the younger generation.

the Text prepared by Dmitry egorkin (phone +7 (343) 371-72-99)

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