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Museum evening

15 November

On the 18th of November Ekaterinburg celebrates its historical birthday, and one of the most popular traditions of this Day is the project “Ekaterinburg’s Lights: Museum Evening”. 11 years ago City Museums have decided to give visitors the opportunity to see the expositions free of charge in the evenings.

The motto of this project is “Museum for busy people”. In this day the museums are opened till 10 p.m. for those who works or studies during the day.

Pay attention that during the day, the 18th of November, museums work as usual and the project is held in the extra time (from 6 p.m. till 10 p.m.).


Museums which are participants of this project:

1) Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts

2) Naive Art Museum

3) Ekaterinburg History Museum

4) Metenkov’s House Photography Museum

5) Water Tower

6) 19th Century Ural Literary Life Museum

7) 20th Century Ural Literary Life Museum

8) Dolls and Children’s Books Museum

9) Fyodor Reshetnikov Literary House Museum

10) Mamin-Sibiryak Literary Memorial House Museum

11) Pavel Bazhov Memorial House Museum

12) Shuravi Veterans Memorial Museum

13) Gamayun Folk Art Museum Centre

14) Poklewsky-Kozell’s House Exhibition Centre

15) Museum of History and Archeology of the Middle Urals

16) Nature Museum

17) Alexander Popov Radio Museum

18) Ernst Neizvestny Art Museum

19) The Agafurov Merchants’ House

20) Middle Urals Fruit Gardening History Museum

21) Museum of Military History of the Urals

22) Jewellery and Stonecutting History Museum

23) Boris Yeltsin Presidential Centre

24) Museum of Hygiene


You need to get a free ticket in advance on the cash desk or on the website.

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