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You Will Have an Opportunity to See in Ekaterinburg a Collection of Photographic Stories about Tokyo

21 July

Photo exhibition «Tokiyskiye Istorii» ("Tokyo stories") will be presented In Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts during the festival "Fotoleto – 2017" (“Photographic Summer – 2017”).

The idea of the photo project about Tokyo originates from Andrey Martynov (Art Director of Novosibirsk International Biennale of Contemporary Photography “Different Dimension”). The curator managed to gather very diverse works of 18 different pictorialists: Japanese authors and foreign photographers, who visited Tokyo in different periods of time - eminent masters and young camerists.

Visitors of the exhibition will see documentary and conceptual black-and-white and colour photography. Photo works were created in different periods of time: the earliest of them were made in the 1980-ies by Chinese photographer Almond Chu, who studied photography in Tokyo, and who lives and works now in Hong Kong. Recent photographs presented at the exhibition were made in 2013-2014. Every author presents his own Tokyo in his photo works, tells his “Tokyo story” about this enigmatic city.

Shintaro Sato takes pictures of Tokyo using his authorial method: the photographer saturates the city with his exclusively invented range of colors. In a series of photo works "Tokyo Is a Twilight Zone" he has captured the brief moment between sunset and nighttime. The pictures were taken in such areas of the city where residential neighborhoods are mixed with business blocks. Photo works of this series often show back streets to the visitors of the exhibition, and huge Tokyo appears to be a quite different city.

Yasuhiro Ogawa takes pictures of a noisy, chaotic city, which is full of strange silence at the same time.

Carlos Escolastico is interested in common Japanese workers (they were mostly pictured at the famous Tokyo market) and extravagantly dressed girls, which can be seen on the streets of Japanese capital very often. The author unites these two completely different worlds.

The exhibition “Tokiyskiye Istorii” ("Tokyo Stories") will be presented at the Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts; 5, Voyevodina St., from the 21st of July till the 13th of August.

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