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The new exhibition is opened at the Vladimir Vysotskiy Museum

26 July

Vladimir Vysotskiy was a remarkable songwriter, singer and actor, who passed away 37 years ago. The new exhibition opened on that day is dedicated to his movie career. Visitors can see film shots from his projects and also they can discover what roles he might have played. For example, there are pictures from the casting for one of the most famous movies in the USSR “Operation Y and Shurik’s Other Adventures”. He could also play in a movie of A. A. Tarkovsky “Ivan’s Childhood”. Vladimir didn’t limit himself with acting, he also wrote many soundtracks. Their lyrics are also exhibited at the Vysotskiy Museum. 

Vladimir Vysotskiy died at the age of 42 and he had spent his last hours sitting at the table with his friends. This table is the most precious item which appeared in the museum this year. The photo collection will soon move to the “Mosfilm”, but the table will remain at the Vysotskiy museum.


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