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Ural jeweler 2017

17 November

On 5, November on territory of the Ural Design-Center in Ekaterinburg a traditional Russian selling-exhibition “Ural Jeweler” was opened.

The oldest sectoral jewelry exhibition of the Ural capital – is one of the most famous and reputable regional expositions in Russia. In 17 years the exhibition, according to the jewelry market specialists, has gained iconic status and has become the most effective regional trade venue of Russia combining both whole-sale and retail markets.

The exhibition is intended for the most sophisticated client and has a variety of goods:

  • New collections of gold and silver with precious and semi-precious stones;
  • Deluxe hand-made bijouterie;
  • Exclusive handiworks;
  • Designer watches;
  • Interior features and utensils of precious metals;
  • Presents made out of gold and silver (knives, edged weapons, guns with engravings, souvenirs, home decorations);
  • Jewelry for children.

The central place in the exhibition program is a traditional contest of modern jewellery and its main nominations “New shape”, “Stylistic line”, “Stonecutting plastics”. The winners will be granted “Grand Prix” by a competent and impartial jury, as well as mugs, medals and complimentary diplomas in diverse subsidiary nominations.

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