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16 January

From 15 to 30, January a new photo exhibition will be held in Yeltsin Center’s cinema-conference hall. The exhibition is called “When father hasn’t left” and is dedicated to experience of fathers whose children are hospice patients. It is a great challenge for both parents when a child is born with a serious disease. And it’s not a secret that not everyone can stand this test of life. Sometimes families are broken and only one of two parents has to take care of a child, normally a mother. But this project is about fathers who carry their children in arms, even if the children are teenagers. Fathers who change their children’s life-supporting appliance, feed them from syringe and spend nights at reanimation doors. Fathers who have not only stayed but who every day create the world for their children. Anya Marchenkova, a photographer and in course of two months she was making pictures of ten families – care-recipients of the children’s hospice. Anya was observing their every-day lives, fixating the most simple moments – bathing, feeding, walking, playing. And in a process of it capturing the most important thing – father-child relationship. Pictures tell a story about people and their choice – simple and responsible for one and complicated for others. For most of them it was a limit point of frankness. The exhibition is organized by Evgeniy Royzman fund which helps children’s hospice – supervise about one hundred children with rare incurable illnesses.

Date and time: 16-30, January, 10:00 – 21:00

in Yelsin Centre

Tickets: free entrance.

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