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Program for the celebration of 9 May in Ekaterinburg

8 May

Military parade of troops of the Ekaterinburg garrison

For many, the Victory Day traditionally begins with a military technology parade. Over the main street of the Ural capital will be more than 80 units of military equipment and about 2200 soldiers. Unfortunately, this year, air units of aviation will not be due to the refusal of the Ministry of Defense. VAO T-34, thanks to which it was possible to defeat the enemy.

The whole city flocks to the curbs of the main avenue at the appointed time, we advise you to come early by 8-9 o'clock, so that you can take a better place.

10:00, the area of ​​1905

The ceremonial ritual "Memory"

On the Plates of the Shirokorechensky Memorial 1336 soldiers and officers of the Great Patriotic War were killed. Here, an eternal flame burns in memory of the fallen in battle and a minute of silence passes. Everyone can bring flowers and honor the memory of the dead.

Exhibition of retro cars and military equipment

10:00 - 19:00, Pushkin Street

All motorists and car lovers will be interested in visiting this exhibition. Famous Soviet cars as if just descended from the assembly line next to military vehicles that participated in the battles of the Second World War. All interested persons can be photographed both outside, and inside cars.

Bike ride "Thanks to Grandfather for Victory!"

Undoubtedly, Victory Day is all-Russian concerts, a dance holiday and a good mood, but do not forget what price it cost us. On May 9, the NGO "Velo-Gorod" organizes the traditional bike ride "Thanks to Grandfather for Victory" and invites all bikers of Ekaterinburg to participate in the festive race and become a part of this great holiday to pay tribute to all who participated in the great war.

"Thanks to Grandfather for Victory" - a bike ride that will be dedicated to the Victory Parade and will be the opening of the summer bike season! To support and recreate the necessary atmosphere on the bike ride, come in military costumes. The organizers will hold a contest for the best costume and award the winners!

Take flowers with you to congratulate our veterans and, lining up in a living corridor, will give flowers to all the heroes of the war.

start of the event from October Square at 11:00

To register, please log in and click "I will go"

Partners of the event: cinema "KINODOM" and trampoline park "OTROV"

Participation in the event is free!

Patriotic action "Immortal Regiment"

11: 00-12: 00, Lenin Avenue

From 9:00 to 10:00 the columns will be formed at the entrance from the intersection of Tolmachev - Pervomaiskaya.

From 10:00 to 11:00 - at the entrance from the intersection of Tolmachev - Dzerzhinsky.

The immortal regiment is a large-scale international action that takes place in 80 countries in honor of the Victory Day. The modern generation reveres the memory of the relatives of those who passed the war. "Immortal Regiment". The modern generation carries the portrait of his hero through the main streets of his cities and inscribe their stories in the chronicle of the "Immortal Regiment". In Ekaterinburg, more than 100,000 Sverdlovsk citizens will take part in the action. This year the column will reach the Palace of Youth, where an open concert will be held on the open ground. Under the songs of the war years, guests will try a real soldier's porridge, a cooked field key.

Action "Let's remember all by name ..."

11:00 - 20:00, the area of ​​1905

Unfortunately, the war on many did not leave information. The obscurity is even worse than the news of the demise. Within the framework of the action "Let's remember all by name ..." everyone can find detailed information about the missing soldiers. To do this, you need to fill in a detailed questionnaire with the request to provide data. Volunteers will help you find information in the "Memorial" database, and after the holidays of employees of the association of patriotic detachments "Return" will make official inquiries to the relevant bodies and authorities in order to find the fullest possible information about the person. So, by completing only one questionnaire, you can see how the soldier's military path passed.

The play "Theater of the Great War"

11:00 - 22:30, Historical Square

Interactive theater through multimedia screens, pyrotechnic special effects, talented actors and scenery will load spectators into the war era. Participants are waiting for heavy emotional decisions and experiences, interaction with actors and visiting the terrible moments of hostilities. Another opportunity to remember that May 9 is a holiday that went to us with great difficulty and a high price.

The action "Waltz of Victory"

12:00, the area in front of USUE (March 8, 62)

Ural State University of Economics prepared for the demonstration demonstrations, an exhibition of weapons, and a lot of interactive venues, but the most important thing is a dance performance. 100 couples who for months were preparing to dance the Waltz of Victory to the songs of the war years. Professional dancers along with newcomers took part in the preparation and staging of movements. At the end of the action, the participants will line up in giant letters that form the word WORLD.

Family program "I am the winner"

12:00 - 18:00, Kharitonovsky Park and the Square of the Soviet Army
An event for children will be held here: the children will be able to learn the history of the Second World War by means of a quest on military subjects. Here in the shady avenues you can hide from the noisy city traffic and just take a walk with the child.

Concert "We are your grandchildren, Victory"
12:00 - 18:00, Historical Square

Thousands of boys and girls - participants of choral, folklore and choreographic groups will take to the stage in the historic square to congratulate the veterans and residents of Ekaterinburg. Songs of the war years, thematic productions. This year, the children turned to the feat of the soldiers of the "invisible" front - writers, musicians, artists, theatrical figures and other creative people who supported the country during the hard times of the war.


In the beloved park of our city - the Mayakovsky Central Park of Culture and Culture named after Mayakovsky (Michurin, 230) the events within the framework of the Victory Day will be held all day long.
11:30 - 21:00
* Rally-march to the monument of UDTK
* Broadcast military patriotic films
* Performance of military bands
* The work of the field kitchen - tasting soldiers' porridge
* Cognitive quest for children "Front roads"
* Poetic Marathon
* Reconstruction of the battle "Exit of Red Army soldiers from encirclement" * Photo exhibition "The war has a woman's face" together with the museum of memory of soldiers-internationalists "Shuravi"
* Project-reconstruction "Victory" with the participation of rescue dogs Celebratory concert
* Minute of silence
* Waltz of the war years together with the club of ballroom dance "Good Encounters"

Concert of Lube and Elena Vaenga
14: 00-22: 30, October Square
 City holidays in Ekaterinburg are always the most diverse concert venues with recognized artists of the Russian Federation. On October Square at the Drama Theater will perform Elena Vaenga and the band "Lube". Also in the concert will be actors Maria Shukshina and Andrey Merzlikin, composer and founder of the group "Bayan Mix" Sergei Voitenko and head of the club "Black Knives" Mikhail Golovko.


Open-Air Cinema

15: 00-19: 00, Area 1905
In Russia any holiday is accompanied by thematic films, creating an additional atmosphere of the holiday. May 9, you can see the legendary Soviet films in the open-air cinema. In the festive atmosphere, the famous tapes "Some Old Men Are Going to the Battle", "Officers", "Aty-bats, Soldiers Walking" and "In War as in War" are shown in the festive atmosphere. We advise you to dress warmly, take a raincoat and a thermos of hot tea with you.
Concert "Let's sing, friends!"
14: 00-19: 00, Pushkin Street
Artists will perform military songs, which every resident of Ekaterinburg knows. So, if you want to sing "Katyusha" or "Our Tenth Airborne Battalion" boldly come to the scene in Pushkin Street and sing along.

 Concert of the group "Flowers"
19:00 - 22:30, Historical Square

At the Gala concert in the historic square, thousands of townspeople traditionally gather. This year, on Victory Day in Ekaterinburg, the invited band "Flowers" will perform with their hits "We wish you happiness," "My clear asterisk" and other songs.

Festive fireworks
22:30, Water area of ​​the city pond

The favorite entertainment event of the whole city, even those who do not take part in concert festivals in Ekaterinburg, are always selected for the festive fireworks in honor of the Victory. The festive Salute this year will last 20 minutes to the music of Vaenga and Lube. Look at the festive fireworks with high-altitude projectiles from Plotinki, the observation platform of Vysotsky, the embankment near the DIVS and the playground at the Drama Theater. Also, the salute will be clearly visible from the Makarov Bridge and near the space shuttle "Kosmos". Stock up with cartons and warm clothes for comfortable viewing.

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