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«PIXELS FEST» Digital Video-Art International Festival

6 March

The Pixels Fest Digital Video-Art International Festival is taking place in Yeltsin Centre from 7th to 15th of March. During the festival, artworks by artists from different countries will be shown on the Yeltsin Centre Media wall.

The organizers of the event say that the global technologicalization is perceived pessimistically, but there is another utopian side. “The word“ utopia ”in the title means we encourage artists to reflect both“ positive ”ideas and speculative theories related to different options for the technological future development,” is announced on the Yeltsin Centre website.

In addition to watching the works, spectators can take part in discussion and educational programs, master classes from the Skillbox online university and watch the exhibition in VR format.

Yeltsin Centre Media wall

March 7-15

Free entry

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