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“Russkiye” is a film about the photographer Oleg Videnin

19 November


On the 21st of November at 7 p.m. there will be a screening of documentary film “Russkiye” made by German director Klinger at the “Marth” Photography Centre (1, 8 Marta St.). The film is devoted to Oleg Videnin, one of the most talented portrait-painter in modern Russia. The photographer lives and works in Bryansk. He uses traditional black-and-white analog materials, make film developed and photo printing himself. His works were exhibited on the personal expositions all over the world many times, 2 enormous photo albums were edited. The film’s authors accompanied the photographer during recording in the streets of Bryansk. He told about his ways of working with people, print secrets and photo laboratory. The portrait heroes are Bryansk citizens. Oleg Videnin attracts attention to himself, the critics write a lot about him. «We see ourselves on these photographies and we try to hike from ourselves in the world of invented image. But the Oleg Videnin’s photography  as an intense mirror takes everything back», – said Vladimir Nescromnyi, Foto&Video Magazine’s chief editor.



“Marth” Photography Centre (1, 8 Marta St.)

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