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Easter holiday in Ekaterinburg

3 April

Easter holiday symbolizes the end of the Great Lent. In Russian it is traditionally celebrated with colored eggs and festive baking, as a rule consecrated in church. On 8, April public festivities are planned in Ekaterinburg: in several cultural establishments of the city involving master-classes, interactive performances and fun games for children are planned.

For example, at Mamin-Sibiryak Literary Memorial House Museum children will learn the history of national traditions of Easter celebration.

Place: Mamin-Sibiryak Museum (27, Pushkina Street, tel: 8 (343) 371-35-76)

“Feast of Feasts” at the Naive Art Museum

On 7, April, children from 3 years up will learn some old-Russian traditions of this great holiday celebrations. Interactive performance “How Nastenka with her friends celebrated Easter” will tell children about Easter traditions and babushka Manania will play some Easter games with them. Also master-classes of Easter handicrafts will be held here which can be taken home after the event.

Place: Naive Art Museum (18, Rosa Luxemburg, tel: 8 (343) 301-15-31, registration is needed)

Time: 7, April, at 11:00 and at 12:30

Price: 350 rubles (a parent + child)

Ekaterinburg History Museum

On 8, April, children will participate in a fascinating quest – the Easter rabbit’s hunting! Finding solutions, solving mysterious riddles of the big-eared basket guardian will be rewarded with presents and sweets.

Place: Ekaterinburg History Museum (26, Karla Liebknechta St., tel: 8 (343) 371-21-11)

Time: 8, April, from 11:00 to 14:00

Price: 150 rubles – a child, 250 rubles – an adult.

In the 19th Century Ural Literary Life Museum children will emerge into an old mansion life in which some family is getting ready for Easter, will familiarize themselves with the trappings of a house for Easter , will dance and play some 19th century family games. Apart from Easter, children will also get to know other spring festivities – Annunciation Day and Trinity.

Place: 19th Century Ural Literary Life Museum (41, Tolmacheva St., tel: (343) 371-22-81)

In Mayakovsky Central Park of Entertainment and Culture (Mayakovsky Central Park) a traditional Easter fair will be held, selling home-made baking, sweeties and Easter handicraft. At the central lane national groups will entertain the public, games and prize draws will take place.

Place: Mayakovsky Central park (230, Michurina St.)

Time: 8, April, at 12:00

The entrance is free.

Visitors of “Karnaval” Shopping Mall will have a chance to try a piece of a two-meter high kulich (Russian Easter cake) which will be assembled of big crusts and covered with icing. Songs, dances and tasty eats and drinks are guaranteed!

Place: Karnaval Shopping Mall (55, Khalturina St., tel: 7 (343) 310-01-00)

Festivity program beginning: 13:00

Information on Easter festivities will be refilled in the course of the week, please follow the program change online.

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