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The opening of the exhibition in the fantasy genre "Ghost House"

26 February


On the 1st of March at 19.00 takes place the opening of an exhibition in the fantasy genre "Ghost House" in the "Mart" photo center. All the authors, represented in the exhibition create still pictures that do not exist in reality, using for this purpose very different methods. The leading idea of the exhibition is the image of a house as a "house with ghosts", as a distant Motherland and as a metaphor for the photographer's subconscious.

The authors, invited to the exhibition take part in many other events all around the world; they receive a well-deserved recognition in the photography competitions.  

 Works of American Jim Kazanjian are hyper collages of many photographs. The house in his photographs is a ghostly gothic castle, lost in the backyards of the Oecumene.

The Swiss photographer Cornelia Hediger is interested in the opportunity to visualize the complexity and inconsistency of the inner world of a person in art. Her every work is composed of several independent cadres, it breaks the habitual perception of perspective and proportions.

 Photographer from Japan Ayumi Tanaka lives in New York, but her thoughts and imagination are directed to the Motherland. The house becomes a vision of elusive time. The photographer builds multi-level dioramas, where each image layer is placed on a separate sheet of frosted glass, and then she photographs them. In the exposition of the Center for Photography "March" photos will be presented in lightboxes to maximize their perception of the author's design.

The photographer from Ekaterinburg Denis Tarasov placed in one of the gallery halls the installation "Comfort Zone" - a multi-level diorama from photos of doll house objects, but enlarged to the size of real things.

Exhibition is open till May 13.

Center for Photography "March" (Ekaterinburg, 8. Marta St.1)

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