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Fan zone opening in Ekaterinburg!

11 June

FIFA Fan Fest is the second most important venue of the World Cup after the stadium. Here a real festivity is being planned. Fan festival is an integral part of the World Cup. All those who can’t get to the stand can support their favorite team watching broadcast on big screens. The venue was chosen in a popular Ekaterinburg citizens resting place — Mayakovskiy Central Park. Fan zone with a total capacity of 17 000 people is equipped with diverse conveniences from food-court to free wifi areas.

The opening ceremony is on 14, June at 17:00. The guests will see an entertainment program, “Chaif” band performance as well as the Championship’s official opening broadcast. The fan fest full program is available at the host city official site. Close to the Mayakovskiy Central Park there is a special public transport stop built on purpose for the football fans’ easy access to the fan-zone venue. This stop will receive free shuttle buses which will run between Mayakovskiy Central Park and intercept parkings at “Botanicheskaya” subway station area and “IEC Ekaterinburg-EXPO”. During the FIFA World Cup the fan zone security perimeter will be active from noon (12:00) till 1:00 a.m. At night and in the morning at the fan zone area all the public transport will operate in its usual regime.

The whole range of safety measures is provided for all the visitors, including entrance units and inspection complexes. Please familiarize yourself with the fan zone rules.


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