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Окна в Россию. Шедевры семи поколений

31 October

On 27, October a new exhibition “Windows to Russia. Masterpieces of seven generations” was inaugurated in the Yeltsin center art-gallery. This unique exhibition project is initiated on the occasion of "Ingosstrakh” 70 anniversary and includes pictorial and graphic art from collections of the Tretyakov gallery, Institute of Russian realistic art, Ekaterinburg museum of fine art, Perm State Art Gallery and Nizhniy Tagil municipal museum of fine art.

During the concept development a special attention was given to the 20 century art. The organizers decided to show the history of Russia “through window” for the purpose of which selected paintings depicting windows. Russian pictorial art of the 20 century gives insight to the history of our country. It is a concentration of human thoughts and feelings of that time – longing for noble family household of the 1910-ies, fervor of the revolutionaries of the 1920-ies, enthusiastic drive of the “ottepel” period, doubts and aspirations of “standstill period”, soul-searching in perestroika of the 1980-ies. Besides, there is a screening room inside where visitors can watch a 20-minutes video fantasy “Windows to Russia” with more than 70 masterpieces from the Tretyakov gallery and Institute of Russian realistic art collections.

 Within a framework of classical exhibitions, more than one hundred works are presented among which are masterpieces of Aleksander Daineka, Sergey Gerasimov, Yuriy Pimenov, Georgy Nisskiy, Geliy Khorzhev, Victor Popkov, Erik Bulatov and other well-known painters of the 20 century.

And the multimedia project gives an opportunity to see revived canvases of famous paintings of Ivan Shishkin, Ilya Repin, Ivan Ayvazovsky, Mark Shagal, Kazimir Malevich and other outstanding painters, including those of the 19 century.

The exhibition is open from 27, October to 3, December, 2017 at Yeltsin Center (3a, Boris Yeltsin St.). Opening hours: 10:00 – 21:00. Free entrance. 


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