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“Wild world” new photo exhibition

20 December

On 21, December at 19:00 a new photo exhibition entitled “Wild world” will be opened at photography center “Mart”. The exhibition will narrate about our planet and nature by means of photographic art. Photographers from America, Europe, Southeast Asia will present their 80 works. At the exhibition you will see photos of the Earth from space, fantastic worlds several thousand of light years distant from our planet and not less mesmerizing alien-looking creatures who live in our closest vicinity.

Central place of the exposition is given to Simen Johan, an American photographer whose works are represented with support of U.S. General Consulate in Ekaterinburg and Yossi Milo Gallery in New York. Simen’s works are favorite topic of discussion among critics, they are widely acquired by such great museums as Brooklyn Museum (Brooklyn, NY), Museum of Fine Arts (Houston, TX), Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Los Angeles, CA) and others. His photographs were used in Louis Vuitton advertising companies in 2017.

Simen works at the junction of fantasy and reality, of classical analog photograph and modern digital techniques. He creates hipper-realistic large-format photos with elaboration of every minute particular. Each of his productions is a collage of multiple photographs shoot in different places. There are no people on photos but Simen manages to capture animals in such a way they begin to resemble human characters. Taking a closer look, we notice in them romantic lovers, naive daydreaming poets, corpulent idlers, simple-minded farmers, timid beautiful ladies or other archetypes from human life.

In fairy tales of the most nations usually animal heroes with traits of character commonly found in people are depicted. Most religions associate Heaven with a blossoming garden, it is in nature where people try to find absolute beauty and harmony. Photographs with nature make this dream possible by means of photographic techniques and often by substituting reality with illusion.

Tropic forest with amazing exotic birds, aquatic fauna with its funny and scary dwellers, insect world with its alien-looking creatures – all are projected with the eyes of Ming Li Hua, a Malaysian photographer, displayed at the exhibition. Buddy Klein, a photographer from Indonesia turns to collage technics in which he narrates a story about a young deer moving into adulthood. There is no truth in his photographs. Though, every fairy tale is, as we know, a lie, especially a new-year one… The exhibition will last till 25, February, 2018.

“Mart” Photography Center (8 Marta St., 1, Ekaterinburg)

11:00 — 20:00 seven days a week

Ticket prices: Adults — 200 rub.
                       Special rate — 150 rub. 

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