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Traditional celebration of Tatar and Bashkir culture “Sabantuy”

4 June

Ural is a multinational region in which more than 17 nationalities live in peace and quiet from ancient times. On 10, June we invite you to visit a traditional celebration of Tatar and Bashkir culture “Sabantuy”. The term is translated as “festival of plough” and has a long history.

During Sabantuy one can get to know daily life of two folks, their customs and cultural differences. Guests will be offered national treats, sweets and tea. Young man and women will pass along central walkway, showing the splendor and diversity of their national dresses. Everyone will have a chance to try themselves in traditional sport games, marital arts, contests with valuable prizes.

And, of course, an integral part of every culture is music. National dance folklore groups will perform on the main park’s stage and will invite you to join for a dance.

Time: 10, June, from 12:00 to 20:00

Place: Mayakovsky Central Park, 230, Michurina Street

Free entrance  

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