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The interesting places for celebration New Year

28 December

1. The Ice Town on the main square

Holiday atmosphere, songs from favourite soviet films and cartoons, the rides in the Ice Town area on the Square of 1905.

2. Mayakovsky Central Park

There will be a show program, the circle-dancing with Ded Moroz, adisco, the broadcast president's congratulations in the Mayakovsky Central Park at New Year’s night. Entry is free. From 11.30 p.m. till 4.00 a.m.

3. New Year Tram

Tourist office “Eltrans” proposes to citizens and visitors to celebrate Ney Year on the way. You may ride on the tram for 3 hours. There will be a program, entertainer and DJ. It will cost 30 thousand rubles for group of 32 people.

4. What can be more romantic than to celebrate New Year on the border between parts of the world? A lot of tourists come to the Ural’s capital especially for making a photo in Europe and Asia at the same time. Citizens have a great opportunity to celebrate a main holiday of the year on the site near the obelisk. Ded Moroz and Ognevushka-poskakushka (a character of Bazhov’s tales) are waiting for you, and there you also may try some Russian pastries and make a dog sled trip.

You need to apply before.

There are also some other ways to celebrate New Year like entertaining activities in numerous cafes and restaurants, skating, rent of the countryside house or recreation camps and visiting bath-house.

We are sure that everybody will find the way to celebrate New Year for himself.

Happy New Year!

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