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Maslenitsa (Cheese Fare Week) in Ekaterinburg

16 February



Maslenitsa (Cheese Fare Week) is a traditional Eastern-Slavic festival which is celebrated during one week right before the Lent. Maslenitsa combines in itself the rites of Slavic mythology and organically blends into the Russian Orthodox tradition.

Dates of Maslenitsa can vary depending on the Easter celebration time. Every day of the week has its own sense and rituals, most of which concentrate around visiting houses of friends and family and  match-making with a purpose of celebrating weddings after the Lent. Maslenitsa finishes on Sunday which is also called “Sunday of forgiveness”. This day everyone is supposed to ask forgiveness and the asked person is supposed to respond “the God forgives you and I forgive you”.

This weekend Maslenitsa festival will be held in the following venues:

Mayakovsky Central Park (230, Michurina Street)

On 18, February Mayakovsky Park will be the main venue of Maslenitsa festival. Here will be a big fair with diverse souvenirs hand-made by local craftsmen: gem-stone and clay production, leather and fur goods, etc. A festive program with songs, dances and draw games is on the list. Start: 12:00.

“Elmashevskiy” family leisure park (22, Starykh Bolshevikov Street)

On Saturday,17, february all guests of Elmashevsky park will be able to see a big concert with diverse interactive zones for children as well as competitions, prize drawing and horse riding. Blini (crepes) fair, souvenirs fair are here for you as well as hot tea and sweets pavilions. Traditional burning of the Maslenitsa jackstraw will be the festival culmination. Festival time: 14:00- 17:00.

“Taganskaya sloboda” park (111, Bebelya Street)

On Sunday, 18, February “Taganskaya sloboda” park invites you to an open-air Maslenitsa party. The accent will be made on multi-national population of Sverdlovsk region. Guests will visit Cossack farm-yard, farmsteads of Chuvash, Mari, Belorussian and Ukrainian people with national dishes tasting and national costumes trying. Contests of accordionists and caperers, extreme power competitions  for adults and painting and plaster-moulding master-classes for children are on the list.

Country club “Belaya Loshad” (“White Horse”, Kadnikovo village, Sysert region)

Maslenitsa is normally widely celebrated at the Belaya Loshad country club: traditional old-Russian games, rope pulling, blini tasting, animation program for children and adults and pyrotechnic show with colored smoke. A mass flash-mob is planned, with people standing in a shape of the sun and quadcopter making a movie from the air. The festival will begin at 11:00 and will finish after the jack-straw burning which is planned at 16:30.

Akademichesky district will also organizes Maslenitsa festival on 18, February. Performance groups represented mostly by creative teams from local schools and kinder-gardens will perform on stage. The program begins at 12:00 and finishes by 14:00. Jack-straw burning is planned at 13:00. Place of the event: “hills” close to the local cathedral

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