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Marathon "Europe-Asia": in advance examine the map of the road closures on August 7

27 July

Deputy head of the Administration of Yekaterinburg on social policy Mikhail Matveev has held the expanded organizing Committee for the preparation of all services for holding the II International athletic marathon "Europe-Asia".

According to Michael Matveeva, the city Administration of Ekaterinburg, the organizers of the marathon and police conducted large-scale work on preparing the route, in particular, they agreed on a scheme of overlapping of the road network in places proleganiya route of the marathon. “this year the track is located on Lenin Avenue, the street Tolmacheva, 8 Marta street, the street Yeltsin, lane Pesterevskoe and Novo-Moscow highway, - said the Deputy head. "We hope that guests of Yekaterinburg will be able not only to take part in a sports holiday, but also enjoy views of the city”.

One of the main themes of the discussion was to inform the population about the upcoming overlap of the road network. Marathon Director Andrey Utkin reported that specialists made a detour entire route of the marathon with a map of places where there may be difficulty with departure from the yards. In the tour took part the management company of these houses, which promised to inform the residents about the upcoming floors. In addition, the organizers will place informational posters about the route of the marathon on feeder boards, in mailboxes and under windshield wipers of vehicles located on the route of the race.

due To the fact that some public transport routes will change schedules, a few thousand leaflets will be placed in public transport. With a map of road closures and changes to public transport can be found at the Official portal of Yekaterinburg.

Recall, II international marathon "Europe-Asia" will be held in Yekaterinburg on 7 August 2016. Expected number of participants is 5 thousand people from over a dozen countries. Could apply to practically anyone on official website marathon.

the Text was prepared by Denis Sukhorukov (phone +7 (343) 354-55-09), photo by Anton butsenko

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