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Interactive Robo-expo in Ekaterinburg

21 November

From 25, November to 8, January 63 up-to-date robots from all over the world are waiting for you at the most extensive exhibition “Robopolis”. A place where everyone will have not only a chance to see robots, but to touch, to talk to them, to operate and to assemble your own one. Activities suited to every fancy are there for you: 4 master classes, quadopters racing, Tesla show, equipment to move objects with the power of thought, 5 zones of virtual and alternate realities and what not. A wooden robot is a fortune-teller, Meccanoid is the best partner in conversation and play with children, Kiki is a prototype of Siri, created by Russian scientists, Aibo is a dog prototype, created by Sony corporation, Paro is a white-coat seal and is in the Guinness book of records as the most “therapeutic” one, R2 D2 is from the Star Wars and is sure to be on patrol in search of an interloper and speaking with everyone in his own funny jargon. Every hour there are free tours during which the guide will tell a lot about the robot world. All the handicrafts can be taken home in the end of your visit.

8, March, 46

Grinvich shopping mall, Ekaterinburg

Working hours: 10:00 - 22:00

The ticket price: 400 r. -600 r.

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