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3rd annual Historycal festival of Museum history of Ekaterinburg

13 April

April, 15 from 12 a.m. Yekaterinburg History Museum. Karla Liebknechta Str. 26

History Fest is the 3rd annual festival at which Yekaterinburg History Museum proves to visitors that history is not a dry set of facts and dates, but this is what happens to us here and now.

This year, on April 15, in the "Square of the City Clock" hall will be held fascinating lectures not only by historians but also by those who was creating history and has taken part in many city events.

Visitors of the festival can meet Vladimir Shakhrin the leader of the “ChaiF” and the historians of the Urals rock Dmitry Karasyuk. Stories and jokes, tales and facts about the emergence of such a cultural phenomenon as the "Ural Rock Club".

The head and one of the founders of STENOGRAFFIA festival, beloved by the city, Konstantin Rakhmanov, will talk about how street art changes views on the world and art.

What is urban archeology? The director of the Yekaterinburg History Museum Sergey Kamensky will give a lecture on this topic.

On the renaming of streets - tells Yevgeny Burdenkov- the head of scientific and information department of the Yekaterinburg History Museum, curator of the exhibition project "We are from the North Star ...", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Revolution.

This year, the History Fest program consists of three thematic blocks: lecture halls, workshops and presentation.

History Fest III programm

Hall "Square of city hours"

12.00 - Festive decorations of the streets. Experience of past eras. Lecturer - designer-decorator Antonina Vorobyova.

14.00 - Workshop in sketches of urban objects. The artist-illustrator Olga Glushkova.

16.00 - Master class on the break-dance from E-DanceStudio

17.00 - Defile in historical clothes from the keepers of the Yekaterinburg History Museum. For the first time valuable artifacts will leave the walls of our storage to live in front of the audience!

18.00 - Plastic composition "Street Theater" from the studio of the ancient dance "Viscount"

19.00 - "Ekaterinburg rock-n-roll" lecture by Vladimir Shakhrin and Dmitry Karasyuk.

Territory of the Children's Center

12.00 Lecture on making jewelry from buttons: Angelina Vedernikova

12.30 Workshop in making ornaments from buttons: Angelina Vedernikova

14.00 Artist-talk Street - photographer Dmitry Fedorov (moderator Kristina Gorlanova, head of the department "Photographic Museum" Metenkov House")

15.00 Lecture on the history of urban lighting from the Ural Museum of Energy, lecturer - the museum's head Valentina Zhuk

16.00 Master class on decoupage of candles

Hall on the "Polar Star"

13. 00 Lecture on the renaming of streets - Evgeny Burdenkov- Head of scientific and information department of the Yekaterinburg History Museum. Museum Coffee Shop

13.00 - "How street art changes the world" - lecture of co-founder of the STENOGRAFFIA festival Konstantin Rakhmanov

15.00 - Lecture on urban archeology. Sergey Kamensky the director of the Yekaterinburg History Museum

16.00 – “Hot spots” of old Yekaterinburg - lecture by the curator of the Yekaterinburg History Museum Sergei Skrobov.

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