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“Russian cities 2030: crossroads of opportunities”

15 November

All-Russian forum of strategic development “Russian cities 2030: crossroads of opportunities” was inaugurated in Ekaterinburg. The forum is planned to last two days and, according to experts, will become a site of discussions on development of Russian cities and approaches of launching effective multiscale projects. The purpose of meeting of several expert councils – authority, business, science and public sphere – is to actualize existing strategic plans of Russian cities. Experts from Russia, Australia and Serbia will discuss mechanisms and instruments of support of creative spaces in the city economics, problems of its formation and perspectives of development.

It’s worth noticing that the all-Russian forum of strategic development is organized by the Russian cities Union, Ekaterinburg city Administration and Association of municipalities “Cities of the Ural” with support of the State Duma Committee on Federal and Local Government, as well as the Governor and Sverdlovsk Region government.

Based on the results of the forum, legislative initiatives will be compiled to FL-173 “On strategic planning in Russian Federation” as well as other laws which have to do with local government. 

Atrium zone in Yeltsin Centre 10:00 - 18:00 15-16 november

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