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Festival of auteur documentary cinema ARTDOCFEST

4 December

From 4 to 12, December the biggest and most reputable festival of auteur documentary cinema ARTDOCFEST will be held in Ekaterinburg. The festival is annually held in Moscow since 2007, in Saint Petersburg and Riga since 2014 and in the third Russian capital Ekaterinburg since 2016. Its program consists of films from Russia, about Russia and made in Russian languages but not necessarily by Russian producers.

ARTDOCFEST selection includes first-runs of Russian non-fiction films as well as foreign films in Russian language. This year besides Russian productions, such countries as Ukraine, Belorussia, USA, Germany, Romania, France, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Israel, Belgium, Canada, Denmark and Guatemala will also feature its creations. Some of the films are made in coproduction of several countries.

This time the festival’s basic theme is a theme of political governmental harassment in relation of both art profession individuals and organizations which work in Russia in the art sphere: theatres, museums, diverse cultural establishments and film festivals. Like a mirror of critical issues, ARTDOCFESTIVAL becomes an alternative to television mass-media current. The festival is meant to bring to attention of the spectators the burning points of contemporaneity, to make us ponder and consider its discreditable outcomes.

ARTDOCFEST will inaugurate in Yeltsin Center on 4, December with a film “Eastern front” which will be personally presented by the festival president, Vitaliy Manskiy.

Ticket price: 100-200 rubles. 


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