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The Exhibition "Letters to the Forest" Devoted to the Year of Ecology in Russia

21 March


This event is for all lovers of nature: the exhibition, called "Letters to the Forest", which is devoted to the Year of Ecology in Russia, with clay ceramic trees and streams, opened in the Minor Hall of the Union of Artists.

Ceramic designers Darya Davydenko and Irina Trisantovich used many different materials, including chamotte, engobes, colored glaze, and wax, while creating their works of art.

The texture of chamotte conveys the structure of the solid earth surface and its energy. Engobes are used to decorate ceramics. Glaze looks particularly expressive on the surface of chamotte. The exhibits have earthy lustre because of wax, which accents the texture, modifies the the colour of clay surface, which becomes deeper and warmer.

The artists and their creative works motivate visitors of the exhibition to think about the most important questions of existence that concern people at all times: the origins of genesis of the world and the human; about the mythological past, from which the present grows; about the nature of creativity, eternity, infinity and the mystery of life itself.

The exhibits include decorative compositions, vases, platters, pots and other products with expressive names: “Lesovik” ("Treefolk"), “Dukhi Drevnego Lesa” ("Spirits of The Ancient Forest"), “Lunny Korabl” ("Moon Ship"), “Materinstvo” ("Motherhood"), “Sila Zhizni” ("Life Force"), “Ruchey v Lesu” ("The Stream in The Wood"), “Tayna” ("The Secret"), “Ya Budu Derevom” ("I Will Be A Tree"),  “Pustyye Gnyozda” ("Empty Nests"), “Kak Dyshit Zemlya” ("How The Earth Breathes" and others.

Please, visit the exhibition "Letters to The Forest", which will work till the 16th of April in the Exposition Hall of the Union of Artists.

Ekaterinburg, 97, Kuybysheva St.

Open to public from 10.00 a.m till 5.00 p.m.

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