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The little scientists

27 March

On 27, 28, 29, March at Ekaterinburg History Museum a three-day activities are planned for children.

Little guests will have an opportunity to feel themselves as great scientists, will open the doors of an old tavern as well as a magical theatrical backstage.

Detailed description:

27, March

 13:00 – 16:00

Try out being a brilliant professor! For the whole day the museum will become a laboratory of unusual experiments. We’ll try to understand how a submarine breaks the surface, if it’s possible to assemble a capacitator at home, to find out the effect of ordinary aluminum foil on cell phones and to answer the question of why stars shine only at night and who excluded Pluto from the planets list. You will also play some scientific games, assemble a sensor doorbell and draw space using the scratchboard technique.


Interactive session: “Fountains, submarines and other experiments with water”.


Interactive session: “Using the power of lightning”.


Interactive session «Star mysteries»


«Starry sky» masterclass (scratchboard)

28, March

13:00 - 16:00

Old tavern’s mysteries

The time has come to open the doors of an old 19 century tavern. What secrets does it have? What was food like 100 years ago, what sweets did they used to enjoy most, what are the differences between the tea from samovar and a kettle tea? This day we will make hand-made sweeties using traditional recipes, bake spice cakes and drink aromatic tea.


«Hand-made sweeties» masterclass


«Spice cakes» masterclass


«Samovar traditional tea-drinking»

29, March 


Backstage adventure

We invite you to the theatre’s backstage! Where are the decorations kept? How do actors rehearse lines? Who makes the costumes and what are props? Today you will find answers to all these questions behind the scenes of Ekaterinburg theatre and will make some props with your own hands.


«Theatrical backstage» excursion


Theatrical props master-class

Price: 500 rubles – 1 day, 1500 rubles – 3 days. Advance registration by phone: 371-22-43. Upfront fee is welcome. (8+)

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