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Days of Ural constructivism 2017

11 October


On 2, October in the Museum of architecture and design of Ural State University of Architecture and Art a grand opening of the third Exhibition-Educational Project “Days of Ural constructivism” took place.

The project’s main program is held from 2, October to 5, November. During these days, besides an exhibition, guests and visitors will traditionally have a chance to participate in excursions, lectures, round tables, interactive events together with regional and external experts.

This year “Days of Ural constructivist” concentrates on trade union clubs and cultural centers. A special attention is given to 7 Sverdlovsk clubs, built in 20-30-ies of the 20 century. The external partner of the project is Cultural Center “ZIL” (Moscow).

The exhibition named “Clubs, cultural centers. On the edge of the cultural revolution” narrates about the way how a formation of new cultural tasks influenced avant-garde clubs’ architecture. And about the life style which was prevalent in spaces created by constructivist architects. 

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