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April Bicycle revolution

16 April

On 21, April a mass cycling race will take place in Ekaterinburg the main message of which is to draw attention to problems of the city cycling infrastructure.

Along the route, parts of which are “favorable” for the cyclists, some stops will be organized where all the participants will be able to take pictures and to communicate. On the detected “not favorable” parts of the route the revealing flash mobs will be organized with banners, billboards and passers-by participation.

Prize-winning contests from sporting goods store “SportEk”, internet provider “Convex” and “Kinodom” cinema as well as presents from “Velo-Gorod” are on the list.

Organizers are asking all the participants to wear red clothes – “to foster the color of revolution” and to register using “Velo-Gorod” mobile application or on site.

The beginning is at 12:00 at Truda Square.



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