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Aqua-Show Red Bull Jump & Freeze

19 March


Red Bull Jump & Freeze is a dashing contest for desperate snowboarders and skiers who will have the opportunity to slide down the snow slope directly into the full-brimmed pool, doing some incredible tricks. It sounds crazy, but it's not all: for the performance it is necessary to have a fancy dress - in fact the judges will evaluate not only the complexity of the trick, but also the creativity of the image.

Winners will receive valuable gifts, spectators' delight and glory for the entire “VKontakte” network. A strict panel of judges will evaluate the participants in three categories - the best trick, the best fancy-dress and overall impression. The competition partner established this year a special nomination - "Jumping by other rules", the condition of which is to speed down the hill on any controlled structure, except for the usual skis and snowboards.

You will be deeply engrossed into the crazy world of Red Bull Jump & Freeze. So all daredevils are highly recommended to bring a towel, warm dry clothes and change shoes. We are in favor of healthy extreme!

March, 25 1 p.m. Ski resort “Uktus”


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