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The words and music of Freedom

21 November

The 25th anniversary of the Russian Constitution and the 3rd anniversary of Yeltsin Centre will be celebrated in Yeltsin Centre from the 23rd of November till the 25th of November. There will be musical and educational festival called “The words and music of Freedom”.

The Constitution accepting in the year of 1993 gave some rights and freedoms to the citizens. Music and journalism also got freedom at that time. Particularly Russian rock and independent television got freedom. Nowadays, popular music is changing: now it is rap style.

This festival unites freedom of the 1990s and music and mass of present.

On the 24th and 25th of November the talk will take place. The topic will be “Free mass media: from TV of 1990s to Youtube of 2010s”. Famous videobloggers and TV stars will discuss the evolution of Russian mass media.

And the main thing is the evening musical programme. There will be such Russian singers as Sergey Bobunets, Vasya Oblomov, Kirill Nechayev, hip hop singer Antokha MC, group called Delphin and rap group Kaspiyskiy gruz from Baku.

The ticket price: 1300-2500 rubles 



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